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Bible Diggers for Kids

Bible Diggers uses the DIG Bible Study to teach Scripture to children. Not only do kids learn many important stories in the Bible, but they are given the tools to continue to read Scripture for themselves.

The first year covers gives a chronological birds-eye-view of the Bible over 27 weeks. Each week covers a certain story, provides a linked Bible verse, a teaching tip for leaders, helpful object/illustration lessons, and more! We have provided a sample schedule for any church to easily implement. Our plan is to create two more years worth: Year two following the life of Christ, and the third year providing a foundation of basic Bible doctrines. As always, everything is meant to lead toward Jesus and how the Scriptures are revealing what God has to say about Himself.

We also found Bible Diggers to be less of a strain on adult helpers, which resulted in these vital volunteers being motivated and energized throughout the entire course of the year. In addition to being a free resource, Bible Diggers is a great alternative to Awana curriculum.

You are welcome to make as many copies as you like for free. Let me know if you have any questions or would like more information! Click the Bible Diggers Booklet to download the PDF now. The documents have been created using the Pages program on a Mac. If you would like to alter the curriculum to fit your own needs, you may download this folder and edit them using Pages for Mac or iOS.

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Bible Diggers Booklet

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