Feast of Weeks (Part 4)

Enter the world of the Old Testament Jewish harvest festivals! The Feast of Weeks was the second of three major feasts observed in the O.T. These three annual feast celebrations were commanded by God for observance by His people. While each pertains to historical and/or seasonal occasions, they also contain a hidden reality that was yet to be revealed: Jesus Christ.

This sermon focuses on the second of these major feasts, The Feast of Weeks, also known as the Feast of Trumpets, Shavuot in Hebrew, or Pentacost in Hebrew. The feast was a celebration of the firstfruits of the wheat harvest. God used the Feast of Weeks to be a sign of the first day of the church, referred to often as Pentacost. On Pentacost during the same year of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit baptized and filled the believers, thus creating the church, a firstfruits of harvest to the Lord.

(Sermon #4 of a 5 part series delivered by Pastor Jason Hudson during Unity Church’s 2014 Fall Revival focusing on Jesus’ fulfillment of the Old Testament Harvest Festivals.)

Revival Outline with Feast of Weeks