Revelation 18 – Fallen Babylon: My People, Come Out!

Jesus has had enough. John sees the Lord take down Babylon in one day, in one hour. He calls to His people to first come out of her so they will not be destroyed with her. The rest of humanity, led by kings, merchants and sea traders, all weep and mourn for Babylon. Oh, fallen Babylon!

In reality, they are saddened by the loss of all their earthly treasures: The luxuries, delicacies, and just stuff they will no longer get to have. The love of stuff — money, things, and a whole list of other things — may actually mean more to us than Jesus Christ. Do we live a lie as the Great Prostitute and practice idolatry with all of our stuff or do we truely follow the Lord and love Him with all our heart?

Revelation Sermon Fallen Babylon