Hezekiah – A Pompous Heart – 2 Chronicles 32

Hezekiah plays show-and-tell with a delegation from Babylon. However, instead of ever using the moment to declare the glory and provision of God, Hezekiah’s pompous heart takes all the credit for his possessions, projects, and political successes. God leaves Hezekiah to himself to test his heart, and his heart showed a lack of complete and …

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Hezekiah – A Listening Heart – Isaiah 37

Hezekiah has placed the dire circumstances of Jerusalem surrounding by the enemy Assyrian forces into the hands of God. The Lord sends word to Hezekiah through the prophet Isaiah. Will Hezekiah listen despite the Lord’s words sounding farfetched? Will Hezekiah have a listening heart? Because it’s the Lord speaking, he should.

Hezekiah – A Heart of Prayer – 2 Kings 19

With the city of Jerusalem surrounded by the enemy, King Hezekiah seeks the Lord in prayer. The Lord replies with a word through Isaiah the prophet, reassuring Hezekiah He will thwart Sennecherib, king of Assyria, and his attempt to overthrow the city. After Sennecherib sends another threatening letter, Hezekiah again comes to the Lord in …

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Hezekiah – A Steadfast Heart – 2 Kings 18

After the reforms have taken place, Hezekiah watches the Assyrians slowly expand their control closer to Jerusalem. Finally, the Assyrian king, Sennecherib, has Jerusalem surrounded. Despite paying Sennecherib’s financial demands, Hezekiah is taunted by the enemy, including trash talk telling his people it is useless to trust in God. After hearing of these taunts, Hezekiah …

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Hezekiah – A Humble Heart (2 Chronicles 30)

King Hezekiah of Judah continues reforms of the country, leading them away from idolatry and toward Almighty God. They recognize their prideful ways, and in humility turn to Him in repentance. They are moved to celebrate the Passover, and though many of the actions they take are not exactly to the Law’s strict requirements, with …

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Hezekiah – Heart Reform First (2 Chronicles 29)

King Hezekiah begins his reforms in Judah with heart reform first. The priests and Levites cleanse the temple and restore worship within accrording ot the Law. God prepared the opportunity to experience His joy as they have responded to His call for repentance first in heart, then deed, begun to reform their nation.