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Having a hard time understanding the Bible? Want to see what the Big Picture looks like? Sprint Through the Bible is a 12-week chronological overview of the Bible. Download the Sprint Through the Bible workbook PDF as an excellent way to help grow your Bible knowledge…and your faith!


“I’ve tried to start reading the Bible from the beginning, but I get so confused I just end up quitting.”

“We always talk about Jesus…did He live at the same time as Abraham and Moses? I don’t quite understand when people lived.”

“Why do we read the Old Testament if we have Jesus and the New Testament now?

These are some of the comments heard most among church-goers, comments which often lead to people stop reading their Bibles altogether. But what if we could help answer the questions and supply training to jumpstart a life of Scripture study? We would never tire of reading the love letter God has given to us through His Word!

The Sprint Through the Bible is broken down into 12 weekly sections. Each week is also separated into six daily portions to be read Monday through Saturday. The daily readings have follow-up questions useful for review, for gained understanding, and to link day-by-day readings together. Space is also provided for personal notes, reflections, and prayers.

Included in the download are Sprint Through the Bible covers in both color and in black-and-white, giving you flexibility if printing.

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